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Product: Video Systems

Digital Ally - Digital Video Flashlight


Digital Ally - Digital Video Flashlight


Evidence in the palm of your hand


Existing audio/video recording systems can be complicated and distracting to use in the field and require officers to carry or wear another piece of equipment. The ideal solution is to incorporate an audio/video recording system into something officers already have and use everyday.


A new generation of technology


The New Generation of Digital Video technology being utilised is so advanced and so small that the entire digital video and audio recording system is integrated into a high quality, water resistant machined aluminum law enforcement style flashlight. The size, shape and weight is the same as traditional flashlights.


Advanced LED lighting


Utilising the most advanced technology in LED lighting offers superior brightness and quality over conventional incandescent bulbs. They provide a reliable, efficient and super bright light with a life expectancy of 100,000 hours.


Easy operation


The system is extremely easy to use and only requires one button to start and stop recording. There are no complicated controls or distracting displays to interfere with the officer’s normal activities or compromise safety.


Rugged and durable solid state memory


Records directly to solid state memory to provide the most reliable medium for your evidence. Solid state offers no volatile moving parts like hard drives and other mediums.


Performance and quality


Utilising advanced MPEG 4 provides the highest quality and longest record times. Select from three different recording levels to provide from 2 to 8 hours.


Wide camera view


Capture the entire scene with its extra wide field of view. With the wide angle view a monitor is not necessary for aiming, can be distracting and makes an officer easy to be seen at night.


Pre-event recording


Offers up to 60 seconds of pre-event recording. Capture the action before activating the record button.



A great addition to a Digital Ally In-Car Video Sytem

A great addition to a Digital Ally In-Car Video Sytem


Utilise the flashlight to record audio and video where your in-car video system cannot be used. Capture the evidence exactly where it is, hidden under the seat, in the trunk or in the house, etc. Playback audio and video directly on the Digital Ally Rear View Mirror digital video system.


Playback directly from flashlight

Playback directly from flashlight


Playback audio and video using any standard television, monitor, compatible desktop or laptop computer. It offers all of the standard playback functions such as Play, Pause, Stop, Fast Forward and Fast Reverse.


Charger / Docking Station

Charger / docking station


The charger / docking station serves as a multi-function device that charges the unit, mounts the unit and allows fast and secure downloading of video via USB 2.0.


Standard features


  • Super wide angle colour camera captures the entire scene without aiming
  • Super bright LED lights with a life expectancy of over 100,000 hours
  • Integrated internal microphone
  • 2GB of on board non-volatile SD Memory provides up to 8 hours of recording (30fps). Non-volatile memory will retain video even if the batteries go dead
  • Up to 60 seconds of pre-event recording
  • Audio / video output allows playback of audio and video using any standard television, monitor, compatible desktop or laptop computer
  • Li-Ion battery pack provides up to 4.5 hours of continuous flashlight operation and up to 3.5 hours of continuous record time with the lights on. With the lights off it provides up to 8 hours of continuous record time.
  • Charger / docking station offers the ability to charge, mount, download video and upload software
  • User friendly software for easy playback, file management and archiving to DVDs, CD-ROMs or hard drives
  • Software upgradable to update to the latest features and enhancements in the future


User friendly software


Every Digital Ally system comes complete with user-friendly software to allow playback, searching and retrieving video, annotating, file management and archiving.


Easy playback


Playback using any standard TV or monitor. Can also be played back using Windows Media player or other compatible software.


Security and authenticity


Password protection and proprietary watermarking insure the data integrity and chain of custody. Supervisor settings and individual user passwords provide complete control.


Search and retrieve video


Search and retrieve video based on the following: Officer Name, Text, Date / Time,
Serial #, Notes and other customised parameters.


Burn to DVD


Burn individual events, multiple events or segments of events to DVD for easy playback in the department or court room on any standard DVD player.


Archive solutions


Archive to DVDs, CD-ROMs, hard drives or tape for short and long term storage solutions.


Annotate video


Add notes and annotations to video frames such as Offense, Drivers License #, Ticket #, Notes, Comments, etc.


Capture screenshots


Save, print or email captured frames of video.


Windows compatible computer


Software can be ran on any Windows compatible computer with Windows XP Home or Professional.



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