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Product: Radars




SpeedSpy - covert traffic data collection

Decatur's EZ Stat allows you to collect data from any unmanned traffic sign or speed trailer as well as from many of Decatur's police radar units.

However, each of these tools is designed specifically to slow motorists down, rather than track objective data.

Unlike the rest of Decatur's speed tools, the SpeedSpy is designed to NOT be noticed, so the traffic data you collect is unaffected and you get a picture of unenforced traffic patterns.

SpeedSpy features

  • Stationary mounted data collection
  • Hidden SI-3 K-band antenna
  • Weatherproof case
  • Easy installation in multiple applications
  • Supplied mounting hardware
  • Two days continuous battery powered operation
  • EZ Stat software technology
  • Customised traffic speed and flow reports

PDF dcument   Download Brochure (891kb)