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The SI-3 provides a highly configurable, self-contained, stand-alone speed radar unit, designed for use in a variety of application. The SI-3 transmits, recieves and processes speed radar, providing a compact solution to your speed measurement needs.

Configurable speed radar firmware

The SI-3's internal firmware is customisable, allowing changes to range, output format among other options.

Speed information outputs to a serial port for communication with a variety of applications including:

  • standard numeric display signs
  • radar message trailers
  • computers
  • conveyor belt controls

Flexible radar mounting options

The SI-3 comes with two different mounting options, allowing you to choose the option that best fits your application.

  • Near-Flush Mount

    The SI-3 comes standard with a near-flush, threaded mounting hole, allowing you to attach it to a wide variety of bracket and mounting devices, including any of our threaded radar mounting brackets.

  • T-Mount

    The SI-3 can also be ordered with a T-mount for more permanent mounting. The T-mount provides permanent, stationary mounting where a standoff is necessary.

OEM radar features

  • K-Band antenna
  • Directional
  • RS232 serial port
  • Stationary mounted radar systems
  • 5-150 mph (8-241 km/h) speed range
  • Range: 1,500 ft default; 3,000 ft max
  • Windows based firmware configuration software

PDF dcument   Download Technical Specifications (438kb)