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The Railmaster - speed radar for railroads

The Railmaster provides radar specifically for railroad applications, particular in hump yards, where vehicles move at speeds slower than normal traffic radar is designed to register.


The Railmaster takes advantage of Decatur's 50 year history of successful, rugged radar to provide railroad safety agents the tools they need to protect their environment.

High and low speed ranges make the Railmaster the perfect tool for both the hump yard and the open track. Mount it on a tripod or pole, or take advantage of its ergonomic grip.

Use the Railmaster

  • To measure the speed of approaching trains
  • To assess trains moving away
  • From train itself for speed confirmation

Railroad Radar Featrues

  • 2 speed range settings for high and low speed measurement
  • Extremely durable, proven construction
  • 3-digit, backlit LCD display
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Choose MPH or KPH display

Speed Ranges

  • Low speed range
    • 1-75 in whole numbers
    • 1.0-75.9 MPH in tenths
  • High speed range: 3-320 MPH in whole numbers

PDF dcument   Download Technical Specifications (846kb)