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Product: Radars

Radar Mirror Display


Radar Mirror Display - keep vehicles safe

The radar display for dash-mounted radar makes your officers' mobile offices safer than ever. With indicator windows built into a rear view mirror, the display unclutters any mobile office, keeping it free of anything that could be dangerous in a crash.

LED indicators show patrol, target and lock speeds as well as radar mode. Indicator lamps at the bottom of the mirror display antenna use, faster/stronger modes and moving indications.

The mirror display also features photo cell dimming to adjust to ambient light conditions.

Radar Mirror Display features

  • Heads-up display
  • Colored LEDs
  • Green LEDs display patrol speed
  • Amber LEDs display target speed
  • Red LEDs display locked speed
  • Four digit alphanumeric LED displays mode information
  • Safety glass
  • RS232, DB-9 connector